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About Xydexx Squeakypony

Xydexx Squeakypony loves to wander around the Minecraft world dressed up like Dig Dug. One of these days he's going to get a giant inflatable dragon that looks like a Fygar, see if he doesn't! Living well is always the best revenge, especially if it involves air pumps in some way.

With a longtime reputation as the squeakiest pony on the internet, Xydexx Squeakypony continues to do things in the name of awesome, including yak worshipping and fantasizing about inflatable porcupines. Xydexx saw the MGM lion burp once, and that proves it's always a kitty, no matter what anyone says.

More Information:

The New Village - October 31, 2015

I've started a new Minecraft village! The seed name is "xydexx" (-744643134). I've found a village just West of spawn, at -688, 256. Here I will make improvements. The village consists of a well, a large farm, two small houses, a butcher shop, a library, and a large house. There is a north-south road running through town, which I will call Main Street, and an east-west road on the north end of town, that I will call Side Street.

The village has a population of approximately 6-8 villagers, with varying occupations: Two weapon smiths, one librarian, one tool smith, one leatherworker, and one armorer. There may be one or two more, but I can only get an accurate count at night when they're in the houses.

I've begun development of the town, first adding improvements such as doors to the houses and additional lighting. I've started a small mine just north of town to get the necessary stone. There is also some lava underground that I will deal with later. I've improved the library on Main Street by adding a lower level and stairs on the interior. Next I plan on assigning the buildings street addresses to keep track of them.

A rainy day in the village on Minecraft.
A rainy day in the village on Minecraft.


Xydexx Squeakypony is on Minecraft, and can usually be found dressed up like Dig Dug and building castles everywhere he goes. He tends to focus on building infrastructure like roads and bridges. This has led him to building homes far afield, for ease of access and avoidance of those pesky 3-day in-game journeys to wherever it was he last exploded.

Xydexx Squeakypony is most frequently found on the Chez Turtle server.

Xydexx's current village is Canajoharie, a village east of Spawn Square. It has been built up into a thriving city with many villagers to trade with. A description of the buildings will be added here soon.

Older Locations / Previous Server

Listed below are some of Xydexx's houses on the old server. These are no longer in use and here for reference only.

Castle Xydexx

Castle Xydexx was the first home built by Xydexx Squeakypony. It is located on a small island south of Spawn Square on the main road. The castle is three stories tall (not including the foundation level), and has a portal to the Nether (which also provides quick access to Spawn Square).

There is a fenced area of farmland included in the property, formerly used for raising livestock. Its current use is for growing pumpkins to support Xydexx's army of snow golems.

A piece of glowstone lights the castle's highest turret. Xydexx also has a sizeable mine located beneath the castle.

Castle Xydexx near Spawn Square. Picture by Xydexx Squeakypony.
Castle Xydexx near Spawn Square. Note the rail line built by Kodywolf.


Xydexx's house in Weizenfeld is located directly across from the town's portal to the Nether. It is a small, one-story stone building with tall windows. Xydexx also built two structures nearby, which house an enchantment table and brewing stand.

There are a large number of wheat fields here, for which the town is named ("Weizenfeld" is German for "wheat field"), but also sugar cane and pumpkins grow here. A large field has been set aside for raising livestock. The main road leads west here to Bergwerk and Spawn Square. A mine on the east side of town allows obsidian mining.

Xydexx's house in Weizenfeld. Picture by Xydexx Squeakypony.
Xydexx's home in Weizenfeld is conveniently located across from the portal to the Nether.


Xydexx's third house was built in the desert village of Kaktusdorf, across from another portal to the Nether. It is a one-story house with two small rooms.

Kaktusdorf is German for "cactus village." A wall has been built around Kaktusdorf to mitigate the amount of mods that enter during the night. The village has several gates, one of which leads to a road to the north, connecting to Bergwerk and Spawn Square.

Outside the south gates of the city is a small sugar cane farm. There are no notable mines nearby. Most construction materials are brought in from other villages.

Xydexx's house in Kaktusdorf. Picture by Xydexx Squeakypony.
Kaktusdorf—translated, "cactus village"—was named due to all the nearby cactus.


Bergwerk is located about midway between Spawn Square, Weizenfeld, and Kaktusdorf. The main roads to each intersect just west of town. Xydexx built a small one-story house here to have a place to rest during the long trip between towns in the event night fell. Xydexx's house in Bergwerk is the only one with a shaft leading directly down into the mines below it.

Bergwerk itself is a small village of only three buildings. There is a small chicken farm on the south side of the road. The town is mostly industrial, as it is built directly over abandoned mines.

Bergwerk is a hive of industry. Picture by Xydexx Squeakypony.
Bergwerk is a hive of industry.


Xydexx's house in Purpleton was the most recently built. It is a one-story house with an attic, located next to a portal to the Nether. Purpleton is named for its many purple sheep, which wander both inside and outside the city walls.

Purpleton is a 3-day journey from Spawn Square. However, with the completion of the Very Long Tunnel in the Nether, access is now much easier.

An enchanting table and brewing stand are nearby, which provide convenient workspace for using materials harvested from the Nether. Purpleton also has a zombie dungeon for generating XP, and a double spider dungeon.

Xydexx's house in Purpleton has an attic. Picture by Xydexx Squeakypony.
Xydexx's house in Purpleton is the only one of his houses which has an attic.