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Consolidated Moosilidge

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MP LEVEL 20-29

The cookies are all gone; it's time to make more! Swedish Butter Cookies this time around, we think.

In the meantime, we continued the search for mooing on the internet. We found 24,500 instances of MP20 moos. The top result brings us to Wikimapia, which is kind of like Wikipedia but hooked into Google Maps. This is where the cow stayed. There are 17,800 MP21 moos on the internet, but we had trouble finding anything particularly interesting. There's a Yahoo group for cows and people who like cows, which has been taken over by spammers, and there's a place called Forumwarz, which is apparently an online internet roleplaying game for people who are even lower on the internet totem pole than spammers. There are some cool flash-based games elsewhere though, and you can apparently build your own1.

MP22 gets us 21,800 results with the first being evil-looking ceramic cow creamers that go moooooooooooooooooooooo from jre on Flickr. As a bonus, there's a picture of a cow creamer vomiting milk (huuuuuaghhhhhh2) into a cup of coffee. Mmmm! And there are 15,800 MP23 level moos on the internet, which leads us to an awful cow joke. Coming in at 15,700 are the MP24 moos, and Friday Fest, which is also quite moo.

Our journey to the center of moos continues... for MP25 moos there are a total of about 24,3003. Here's a friendly cow on Flickr, and there are another 14 pictures with "mooooooooooooooooooooooooo" as their keyword. As for MP26 moos, there are 10,200 of them, and the first hit leads us to page 2363 of a transformational story game that you can add to. There's shohman's short travel blog on Virtual Tourist about Hickory, NC, which has plenty of cows and barns. And who doesn't love cows? The cows are haunting this bicycling message board (instead of "boo" they go "moo"... I get it but somehow I'm not scared). There are about 9,300 MP27 moos on the internet, and this gives us our first drop into the four-digit realm as far as results go. We don't know what the first result was, but it was apparently destroyed by battling cows. Waugh! Perhaps it was the Cow Liberation Army? Looks like the cows are suddenly getting more intimidating and want you to know they mean business! Also of note is that Google begins offering suggestions at this point. Did we actually mean to look for "moo" with 26 "o"s instead of 27? Moo with 27 "o"s looks like it might be a typo! There are 11,400 results for MP28 moos, and we've found the Thursday Cow on Facebook, who seeks to spread bovine joy amongst those who need it most.

Our Important Research concludes with 16,200 results for MP29 moos, with this cool picture on DeviantArt of an incoming bovine storm. This gives a good overview of mooing on the internet. Our results for moos dropped to three digits at MP49, and then down to 2 digits at MP 82. The lowest results we got were at MP 94, with 50 results. However, it should be noted that at MP127, the highest level moos that Google can track, there were a total of 638 as of this writing. Curiouser still is that 127 is the number of the Grumbling Yak's former post office box in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Coincidence? I think not.


We hope you have enjoyed this fascinating Important Research into mooing on the internet. There's no telling what you may find on the internet, but we think what you find depends on what you look for.

1 Another popular Flash-based game is Adventure Quest, which got pretty weird (and therefore, cool) last time we looked at it. We ended up fighting a huge bowl of ice cream or something.
2 It is somewhat diappointing to learn that an ancillary search came up with so very few results for "huuuuuaghhhhhh"... there needs to be more pictures of cow creamers vomiting milk out into the internet.
3 It should be noted that all these totals are approximate and subject to change depending on when you look for them. It's probably safe to say mooing on the internet can be mercurial and confusing, much like WikiFur's policies.