Consolidated Moosilidge

MP LEVEL 10-19

Our diligent researchers, fueled by hot cocoa and nomnomnommy cookies, continued onward to explore the 35,900 MP10 moos on the internet. There is a Flickr group for lovers of cows, with 320 members and 1,848 cow pictures submitted at time of this writing. Continuing on, we found approximately 23,000 MP11 moos, with the top hit being a cow-headed creature from the nonsensical and eclectic folks over at Eclectech. Elsewhere, a squirrel has discovered the power of mooing, although we've been unable to determine what this means exactly. There are apparently 202 other photos on Flickr tagged with "mooooooooooo" though.

At MP12, we hit a sudden, explained spike in moo length. 532,000 results—an umpty-frump percent increase. WHY?1 MP12 is significant because it is the last time mooing ever gets into the six-digit area. At MP13, we drop back down to 88,900, with an admonition from a Facebook group to watch out for falling cows. Very curious.

Descending again at MP14 to 75,800 results, we find a close-up photo of a cow by Jim Miotke and a painting of a cow by Luann Dunkinson. And just look at what the first of 54,400 MP15 moos gives us:

There was another unexpected spike in Moo Power right there, too! Is it not fascinating? Who knew mooing would be so popular?

Here are some big furry cows. We think they may actually be yaks. They go "mooooooooooooooo" at MP15 also.

At MP16, we plummet down to a mere 47,300 incidents of mooing on the internet. We can only surmise all that mooing wears one out after a while. But it's worth it, because mooing on the internet is a boooooooooootiful thing. Here we have some slender business cards from the MOO print service we ran into earlier in our study. But this mooing2 is uncalled for, apparently. What this level of Moo Power lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.

In the home stretch now, at MP17 with 33,800 moos, we've found a Facebook group dedicated to bovirism, Mooing At Cows. Excellent! Here's also a sketch of a cow emitting an MP17 moo at SketchFu3. There are 29,200 MP18 moos and more (moore?) of those little moo cards which seem to be so popular. You can also moo in the form of a question: Moooooooooooooooooo? Finally, we discovered a total of 64,900 MP19 moos. Here is a kitty that goes mooooooooooooooooooo.

Watch as our fascinating Important Research into mooing on the internet continues and we discover new and interesting things!

1 This will be the subject of additional Important Research once this study is concluded.
2 They are conversations from a chatbot called Jabberwacky, which looks very interesting, and we may have to return to conduct some followup questions about the nature of mooing on the internet. Actually, we asked, but got sidetracked and ended up in a discussion about cows eating robots, and how being eaten by a cow would be an ironic way to die. It reminds me of MegaHAL.
3 Another sketching site similar to Scribbla.